Looking for new Markets?

Then start here!

myDIRECTION has focus on optimizing

your business on both Strategic, Tactical

and Operational levels.

We have experience from many industries -

both small and big companies - and from

different markets - focusing on the EU area.



Stefan Eberle




Passion is our Mantra



We know that success is not only about insight and competencies. Passion is a key factor when guiding our clients through the stormy sea! We believe that Success is created in a close coorperation with you!

Results are our Goal



Results can be measured in many ways. Is it Market Share or Profits?

We believe that success is defined and created in a different way every time. It depends on your business and your capabilities.

Passion is creating Energy and that gives the foundations for creating Success. We hope you will just feel the Passion!


Profit is the Goal.

And we help to design your road!

Through passion and knowledge we create the goal and the direction. Thats what myDIRECTION is about.

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